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Monday, April 23, 2007
New York to follow London's example with congestion charge "Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, yesterday unveiled plans for a congestion charge on cars entering the busiest parts of Manhattan. Compared with London's £8, New York's proposed charge will be a snip at $8, around £4 at today's exchange rates." anti-organisation We do acknowledge that there is a severe problem in, say, China's and other large cities with pollution. Measures which intend to better the situation should be welcomed. Yet, from a dark age perspective, the move announced for New York heralds less not more movement, and hence stagnation rather than innovation (in order to overcome the problem).

India's first commercial rocket has been launched into space. "It is carrying a 352kg Italian satellite which will gather information about the origins of the universe, the AFP news agency reports. " Pro-organisation,The event implies a levelling of the playing field. Higher levels of economic prosperity have always been associated with a growth of a nation's military power. See also: India tests longest-range missile

EU agrees Iran nuclear sanctions "The sanctions go further than those already agreed by the United Nations...The EU has agreed a total arms embargo, and added further people to the travel ban list - they are banned from the EU and their assets are frozen. " International cohesion insofar as the EU seems to be supporting the hegemon (US) by increasing the pressure on Iran.

Rolls-Royce to pull out of Sudan "Rolls, which supplies engines to oil firms in the country, said it would "progressively withdraw" from existing contracts and not seek new business." Internal disintegration-international disorganisation coupling