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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Insurgents launch new attacks in Iraq: Intern(ation)al disintegration

Paris suburb hit by more rioting: "The violence began on Thursday after the deaths of two local teenagers said to have been fleeing police. The authorities deny that officers were chasing the boys, who were electrocuted after entering an electricity sub-station." Internal disintegration

US to cut Okinawa troop numbers: "The decision to reduce the numbers in Okinawa, where about three-quarters of the US force is based, is likely to be popular with local residents, correspondents say...The locals have long complained about the crime, pollution and noise from US bases - and Japan has been pushing for a redeployment of troops." International disintegration Japan flexing its muscles.

Births to unmarried women hit record: Internal discohesion, in so far as the nuclear family is the starting point of all social relationships.

Births to unmarried women hit record: Internal discohesion, in so far as the nuclear family is the starting point of all social relationships.

Fewer boys managed the 'three Rs' : "The proportion of 11-year-old boys able to read, write and do maths to expected standards in England went down this year, latest figures reveal." Internal disorganisation, if taken at face value, but these statistics are actually somewhat meaningless. Dark ages are to be found in social logics, not in statistics.

War blamed as 6,000 quit Territorial Army: Internal discohesion-international disintegration Increasing the pressure to use mercenaries.

Saturday, October 29, 2005
No Indian troops in PoK: Musharraf : "Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has defended his handling of the October 8 earthquake and his refusal to permit Indian helicopters to fly relief sorties in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK)." International discohesion

Russia, China call for U.S. troops to go "A security bloc led by China and Russia has called on the United States to set a deadline for the withdrawal of its troops from Central Asia." International discohesion The war of words continues. Straws in the wind for the coming macro-conflict.

Bush assails Syria, Iran as terrorism patrons International discohesion - wars coming soon

Ivory Coast 'recruiting Liberian child soldiers' "Renewed tensions with rebels build climate of fear" African dark age

Church is plunged into deeper disgrace by more sex claims Internal discohesion Another institution experiencing chronic delegitimisation.

UN raps Iran's anti-Israel rant International discohesion

Feu d may be near end says Ervine "Progressive Unionist leader David Ervine has suggested there is reason to hope the UVF's feud with the LVF is drawing to an end. " Internal cohesion or discohesion Seemingly unionists uniting against a common enemy, although this is denied in the article.

Charles' bleak hopes for respect Discohesion Delegitimisation of the British monarchy?

Bolivia row forces election delay Internal disintegration/discohesion continuing.

EU offers to cut farming tariffs Pro-international organisation The EU contemplates acting out of character and doing something to promote trade and competition.

Thursday, October 27, 2005
'Harsh' mood at Japan-Korea talks International discohesion

Blair 'revulsion' at Iran remarks International discohesion

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Russia is paving the way for a crewed mission to Mars, according to its new 10-year space plan Pro-organisation (innovation) Even so, all is apparently not well with the existing technology.

U.S. inroads into South America raise alarm International integration? sounds like the hegemon doing what hegemons do. If only it could do it successfully, spreading peace and concomitant commercial growth.

Russia is ready to expand cooperation with Iran Wars coming soon Picking teams for the coming macrowar.

US agrees Okinawa air base move: "'The US side, taking into consideration the importance of the Japan-US alliance... have accepted the most recent Japan Defence Agency proposal and plan,' US Deputy Under-secretary of Defence Richard Lawless said." International disintegration Sounds like the hegemon giving into pressure from the nation it vanquished (and nuked) sixty years ago.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Blair issues new warnings to Syria and Iran, Syria is being Set Up to Fail: A Leaked Letter from Washington, Bush says military action against Syria "last resort" Wars coming soon Declining civilisations are invariably drawn into small "bush wars" around their strategic borders.

Accidental Invention Points to End of Light Bulbs Innovation (pro-organisation) However, it is the world-changing inventions, such as the telephone, the internal combustion engine, heavier-than-air flight that one is really looking for to kep one's civilisation in a growth phase. Since 1900, they have been increasingly few and far between.

A North Yorkshire food producer has revealed her disappointment after an EU ruling stopped her using the name "feta" on her locally-produced cheese "In 2002 the Commission gave Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status to feta cheese made to certain specifications in certain parts of Greece." International disorganisation The EU is more about protecting vested interests than promoting trade and competition.

Vermonters Planning To Secede From The US Internal disintegration The secession of states from the US is something of a "trip-wire" for the coming dark age, though it is likely to be confined to talk for a long. However, it underlinies the fact that not only is the hegemon failinig to build an empire abroad, it is struggling to keep its own polity together.

Monday, October 24, 2005
Iraq insurgency shows no signs of abating Intern(ation)al disintegration? On the other hand, Iraq insurgency's future cloudy "As U.S. death toll nears 2,000, some predict chaos, but others point to recent successes."

New prison threat to rebel Sylvia "Pensioner council tax rebel Sylvia Hardy is facing another jail sentence after a court told her to pay this year's bill." Internal disorganisation-discohesion coupling When previously law-abiding citizens are going to jail over their tax bills, something is wrong.

DIRELAND: AFGHAN WOMEN'S MAG EDITOR JAILED FOR ARTICLES AGAINST STONING TO DEATH AND LASHING International discohesion When the Roman empire conquered a place, the inhabitants started taking public baths and wearing the toga. In other words, the locals adopted Roman culture. Not for the west today.